"Hello, I am Fuckasse, and your husbando is in an affair with me."
-Fukase's first line in Teto Does 9/11.
Fukase (now known as Chelsea) is a recurring character in Teto Does Everything. Fukase used to be a drag queen, but in Teto Does Pearl Harbor, Fukase gets a gender change, and renamed himself to Chelsea.

Biography. Edit

Fukase had shaggy, chin length hair colored crimson. He had a white top hat with a black brim, and a small, white flag, with an X on it. He also carried around a cane. He seems to have a large amount of cracks on the right side of his face. He also seems to have some sort of Telekinesis powers, as he magically made his cane hit Meiko in Teto Does 9/11

As Chelsea, a lot changed. He kept the cane, hat, and flag, but everything else changed. He donned crimson lipstick, and grew his hair down to his bust. He began to acquire a skirt. His cup size is a whopping E cup, which she got implanted by her doctor.

Chelsea seems to be a very trolling character, as she likes to trick and act with folly. Even before her implants and surgery, she loved to be mischievous. For example, she had hit Meiko's breasts with her cane and dashed away, leaving her to cry.

Seeming to be envious of Oliver's relationships, when Oliver claimed Gakupo was his best friend. Chelsea intervened and claimed he was her best friend instead.

Chelsea came to take Oliver away when Len gave birth to Gumi the second time.

When Chelsea went to get her plastic surgery, she claimed she didn't want a regular vagina, but instead, a "vampgina," a vagina that eats penises.

Chelsea seems to be ruthless, as when Oliver claimed he was Homosexual and did not want to have sex with her, but she raped him anyways.

Later, Oliver comes out as pregnant, and the two go to live in a trashcan, probably a dumpster, since trash cans are small. They claimed to have gotten married in there.

Relationships. Edit

Oliver. Edit

Oliver and Chelsea were in a happy relationship in Teto Does 9/11. The two seemed to be quite happy until Teto Does Pearl Harbor, where Chelsea got her gender changed. Oliver was unhappy, because he is a Homosexual, but Chelsea raped him. It is unknown if his penis was bitten off or not.

Kagamine Len. Edit

Len and Chelsea seem to go back, as Len recognized Chelsea from some location whist Chelsea owed him five dollars. However, it appears Len didn't receive the five dollars. Chelsea and him didn't communicate after that.

Hatsune Miku. Edit

Miku and Chelsea only spoke one line to each other, which was Miku telling Chelsea to get out, which she responded with chuckling, then said okay.

Meiko. Edit

Chelsea and Meiko seem to not have a great relationship. Chelsea told Oliver that they were going to "joint this bust," then hit her bust with his cane. This made her cry for the rest of Teto Does 9/11. That is all that is known about their relationship.

Trivia. Edit

  • Chelsea is the first Homosexual character to be introduced the the series.

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