"Hello, I am Gay, and I am Kagamine Len."
-Kagamine Len's first line in Teto Does 9/11.

Kagamine Len is a recurring character that appears in Teto Does Everything. He goes by the aliases Gay. He was introduced in Teto Does 9/11.

Biography. Edit

Kagamine Len was born on June 6th of 1986 in Tokyo, Japan. Not much is known about his past, but he has a twin sister- Kagamine Rin.

Len has blonde, neck length hair, that he keeps up in a ponytail.

It is not sure how Oliver and Len met, but they met at least five years ago to give birth to Gumi.

Despite his sex being male, he gave birth to his daughter, Gumi, twice. He strangely looks nothing like her.

In Teto Does 9/11, Oliver was in an alleged affair with somebody that Len had quarreled with- Fukase.

Len was shown to be suicidal when Oliver left him.

After the events of Oliver and Len's divorce, Len set Gumi to be babysat by a friend- Kaito, and then the two went to get married.

Len's mother, Meiko, walked him down the aisle to get married to Kaito. The cathedral blew up before the wedding ended, and Meiko was injured.

Meiko confessed that Len's father was, indeed, Kaito, then passed away.

Len questioned Kaito, but he dashed away, leaving Len and Mayu, Len's youngest daughter.

Len seems to deeply care about his twin sister, Rin, as when Miku left Rin, he went and beat her up. It is unknown if Miku is still alive.

Relationships. Edit

Oliver. Edit

Oliver and Len were in a happy relationship, as it seemed. Len must have done something to make Oliver enter a relationship with somebody that Len had despised so much. The two were married, but they got divorced.

Fukase. Edit

The relationship between Len and Fukase is somewhat anonymous. It appears Fukase took up the name Chelsea, as Len recognized him the moment he called himself Chelsea. He claims Chelsea owes him five dollars. Though, he was beat up by Fukase.

Kagamine Gumi. Edit

It appears that Len and Gumi have no personal connection. Len seems to abandon his daughter, and even gave birth to her twice. However, he did want to burn Gumi at first, but did not keep to this.

Kagamine Rin. Edit

Rin and Len are twin siblings, both born on June 6th of 1986. He has been shown to be defensive of her, as he went out to beat Miku when Miku disowned (or broke up) with Rin.

Hatsune Miku. Edit

Len seems to be fond of Miku, when he thought she asked if he was alright. He was somewhat devastated when she wasn't asking him, but his sister, if she was alright. Later, in Teto Does Pearl Harbor, when she disowns Rin, Len goes to her and beats her

Kaai Yuki. Edit

Yuki and Len do not seem to have much of a relationship. Len asked where the knife Yuki used to kill herself was placed as she suicided, when she replied, "in my ass." Len claimed he didn't want to be a pedophile and necrophile, so he laid his nerve down.

Kagamine Mayu. Edit

Mayu is the youngest daughter of Len and Kaito. Len did not pay much attention to Mayu in Teto Does Pearl Harbor, but he still loves her.

Kasane Teto. Edit

Len does not seem to be fond of Teto. When she professed her love to him, he rejected her, claiming he didn't care about her love, or anybody's for that matter. She then blew up the cathedral again.

Shion Kaito. Edit

Kaito is Len's father and divorced husband. Len was unaware that he was his father, getting married and even having a daughter with him, all while being unaware. It is unknown if Len got his last name changed, since him and his father have different surnames.

Shion Meiko. Edit

Meiko is Len's mother. She and him seemed to have a close relationship, since when she was dying, Len was devastated. It is unknown if Len knew she was his mother in Teto Does 9/11.

Trivia. Edit

  • Len's birthday is a joke. June, being 6, the 6th, and 1986, another 6, making this 666.

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