"Hi, I'm titso, and I did 9/11 with two cases of french bread and pepto bismol."
-Kasane Teto introducing herself in Teto Does 9/11.
Kasane Teto is the character that performed every tragedy in the world. Not much is known about her, but she causes tragedies with two random items, and this seems to work somehow.

Biography. Edit

Teto has two fuschia spin drill pigtails, and medium sized breasts.

Teto is a strange character, not much being known about her. She creates tragedies somehow, so it could be said she is a God.

Nothing is known about her past, making her even more of a stranger character.

Teto was surprised when nobody cared that she caused 9/11. She did 9/11 again when Hatsune Miku rejected her.

Whenever Teto performs a tragedy, she screams the word "nein," German for no, many, many times.

Teto seems to really care about Gakupo, since she blew up the cathedral when he rejected her love, and since when Len rejected her love, she blew up the cathedral a second time.

Relationships. Edit

Megurine Luka. Edit

Teto only spoke to Luka when Luka claimed to have done 9/11. That is the only time they have spoken.

Hatsune Miku. Edit

It seems Teto had some sort of affection for Miku, since she wanted to join Miku's harem, but was rejected. Teto did 9/11 again when she was rejected.

Kamui Gakupo. Edit

Gakupo seems to be Teto's "slave," since he is the one fetching her the items to perform tragedies. This is proven when Gakupo asked Teto if he was her slave, and she agreed. It is unknown where Gakupo gets all of the items to do these tragedies. She also possibly has a crush on him, making her Bisexual, since she was angry to find out he loved Gumi.

Akita Neru. Edit

Nothing is known about these two, but Teto called Neru a bitch when Teto did 9/11 again.

Kagamine Len. Edit

Teto had flourishing feelings for Len, even blowing up a cathedral when she found out he was getting married. She did compliment him, and told him her feelings, but was rejected, and blew the the cathedral again. It is unknown if Len survived this.

Tragedies. Edit

Teto has performed a number of tragedies in the series. All of them and their components were listed here.

  • Teto did 9/11 with two cases of french bread and pepto bismol.
  • Teto did Pearl Harbor with five cans of grape jelly and a foldable chair.

Trivia. Edit

  • Teto is the first Bisexual character to be introduced, as well as the first character introduced to not be a robot.

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