"Hello, Gay, husbando Olivu-Chan is home from twerk."
-Oliver's first line in Teto Does 9/11.
Oliver is a recurring character that is the ex-husband of Kagamine Len, and lover of Fukase. Oliver was introduced in Teto Does 9/11.

Biography. Edit

Oliver is a blonde, who has shaggy, chin length hair. He wears a white sailor hat, with a blue brim. He wears bandages over his left eye for mysterious reasons.

It is not sure how Oliver and Len met, but they met at least five years ago to give birth to Gumi.

He is the father of Gumi, but strangely looks nothing like her.

In Teto Does 9/11, Oliver was in an alleged affair with a man named Fukase.

He claims to have horrible vision with having one eye.

Oliver is a Homosexual, as shown in Teto Does Pearl Harbor, when Fukase gets his gender changed to female, and tries to rape Oliver. However, Oliver does not want to be raped, claiming he's a Homosexual with a micropenis.

Following the events of this, Oliver strangely becomes pregnant instead of Chelsea, and the two get married in a garbage can. This was probably a dumpster, since trash cans are small.

Relationships. Edit

Kagamine Len. Edit

Oliver and Len were married for at least five years, since they had Gumi. The two seemed to be happy, but Oliver was in an affair for an anonymous reason. It is unknown if their divorce was final.

Chelsea. Edit

Oliver and Chelsea seemed to be close, due to Oliver being in a relationship with her. Oliver is fine with calling Fukase Chelsea. He had no idea Fukase and Len knew each other. After the plastic surgery in Teto Does Pearl Harbor, Oliver does not seem to love Chelsea anymore, due to his sexuality. Though, Oliver is raped, and he is apparently pregnant with the child. The two now live in a garbage can.

Kagamine Gumi. Edit

Gumi and Oliver have not communicated with each other from what is seen, so their relationship is unknown. But, he did agree to burn Gumi when she was born again.

Kamui Gakupo. Edit

Oliver and Gakupo seem to be friends, since when Po asked if anybody would have sexual intercourse with him, Gakupo piped up, and Oliver claimed that they were best friends.

Megurine Luka. Edit

It is unknown if Luka and Oliver have any sort of relationship, but they did talk to each other some after Len gave birth to Gumi again.

Trivia Edit

  • Oliver's birthday, September 12th, is the birthday of a good friend of Jeanne's who really likes Oliver.

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